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Avalon Police Seeking Relief Dispatchers

The Avalon Police Department is seeking dispatchers to help supplement our existing dispatch corp. The position is an on call position paying $14.00/hour. Shifts are generally 12 hours. During the summer months(May through September) two dispatchers are on 24/7 with 3 dispatchers working weekends and holidays.

If interested please fill in application found under the “Career” tab on and mail to :
Capt. John Roscoe
Avalon Police Department
3000 Dune Drive
Avalon, NJ 08202

If there are any questions you can call Sgt. Heisman for details 609-967-7741

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Avalon Police Installs Project Medicine Drop Box at Police Department

The Avalon Police Department installs New “Project Medicine Drop” Box to help residents dispose of unused medications and prevent prescription drug abuse.

Project Medicine Drop is an important component of the New Jersey Attorney General’s effort to stop the diversion and abuse of prescription drugs, including highly addictive opiate painkillers. Through this initiative, the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs installs secure “prescription drug drop boxes” at State Police barracks, sheriff’s offices, and police departments throughout the state, including two military installations and several college campuses, allowing citizens to safely dispose of their unused, excess, or expired prescription medications.

Members of the public are invited to visit the Project Medicine Drop sites and drop off any unused prescription medications anonymously and with no questions asked.  Most Project Medicine Drop sites make this service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The Medicine Drop Box is located at 3000 Dune Drive in the Police Department lobby.

By giving residents of Avalon a safe and secure method to dispose of unneeded medications, Project Medicine Drop helps prevent the abuse of these drugs.  This initiative also protects New Jersey’s environment by keeping these drugs out of landfills and out of the water supply.  More locations, can be found at

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Full Time Police Officer Hiring Process Announced



Date:    November 8, 2018

To:        Full-Time Police Officer Applicants

From:   Jeff Christopher, Chief of Police

Subject: Selection process for employment of Full-time police officer.


Must possess one of the following:

  1. New Jersey PTC certification for full-time police officer.
    1. New Jersey PTC certification for SLEO 2.
    2. Actively attending a PTC academy for full-time or SLEO 2.
    3. An Associate degree or sixty (60) credits from an accredited college with a major in Criminal justice / Law enforcement.
  1. Applicants must be 18 to 35 years of age.
  1. High School graduate (or equivalent)
  1. U.S. Citizen
  1. New Jersey Resident
  1. Able to perform all of the duties and responsibilities of a Police Officer.


Phase 1. 

The Avalon Police Department will advertise a job listing according to Standard Operating procedure.  Applications are available online at, and should be mailed or delivered in person to the above address.  Applications will be accepted from eligible candidates until the deadline of 12:01 A.M, November 30, 2018.   Any application received from ineligible applicants or after the deadline will, without notice, be excluded from the hiring process.  Eligible applicants will be notified how to proceed.

Phase 2.

  1. Candidates will be subjected to a physical fitness test. A score of 70% (final average) must be achieved in order to proceed to the next phase.  The top scoring 15 applicants will proceed to the next phase.  More applicants may proceed to the next phase at the Chief’s discretion.

Phase 3.

  1. Candidates will take an oral interview, then an oral examination, immediately following conducted by the Chief and Captain of Police.
  1. Candidates will be required to write an essay on a topic given at the time of the interview. A half hour will be given to write the essay.  It will then be reviewed by the Chief and Captain and a score attained worth a maximum 10 points to be added to the final average.

Scoring:  Each phase of the process will have the following weight:

Physical fitness test:  30%
Oral Interview      30%
Oral examination  30%
Essay                   10%

  1. A comprehensive and thorough review of the applicant’s background information will be conducted for any disqualifying factors.
  1. After scoring the aforementioned areas, a list will be generated and a candidate may be selected.

Phase 4.  (If applicable)

  1. At the Chief’s discretion, a follow up interview may be conducted for the most desirable applicants prior to making a final decision.
  1. If a desirable candidate is not identified, more applicants may be interviewed from phase 2.
  1. The Avalon Police Department reserves the right to require updated medical, psychological, and background clearances if the Chief of Police deems it appropriate for the good of the Department and the Borough of Avalon.
  1. This list may remain active for two (2) years or less at the discretion of the Chief of Police.


Jeff Christopher
Chief of Police

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Avalon to Participate in 2018 Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign




CONTACT: Chief Jeffrey Christopher, 609-967-3411


This Labor Day, and Every Day: Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

Each year, Americans mark the end of summer with the Labor Day holiday weekend, a time to celebrate the hard work and many accomplishments of our country. Friends and families eagerly await pool parties, backyard barbecues, and other occasions to enjoy the last days of summer sunshine. Sadly, the Labor Day holiday is one of the deadliest, with drunk drivers endangering themselves and others on their way home from these holiday festivities. This year, the Avalon Police Department is partnering with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to get drunk drivers off the roads and help save lives. The high-visibility national enforcement campaign, Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over, runs from August 17 through September 3, 2018.

Sadly, the statistics prove that we have a lot of work to do to put an end to drunk driving. According to NHTSA, 10,497 people were killed in drunk-driving crashes in 2016. On average, 10,000 people were killed each year from 2012 to 2016—one person killed every 50 minutes in 2016.  This is why The Avalon Police Department is working with NHTSA to remind drivers that drunk driving is not only illegal, it is a matter of life and death. As you head out to Labor Day festivities, remember: Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.

“We need our community to understand: It’s up to them to make the smart decision to drive sober—Labor Day, and every day.  Drunk driving is simply not acceptable” said Chief Jeffrey Christopher. This isn’t about a ticketing campaign. This is a campaign to get the message out that drunk driving is illegal and it takes lives.

The Avalon Police Department and NHTSA are reminding citizens of the many resources available to get them home safely. “It is essential to plan a sober ride home before you ever leave for the party. Remember that it is never okay to drink and drive. Even if you’ve had only one alcoholic beverage, designate a sober driver or plan to use public transportation or a ride sharing service to get home safely.

The Avalon Police Department recommends these safe alternatives to drinking and driving:

  • Download NHTSA’s SaferRide mobile app, available on Google Play for Android devices: (, and Apple’s iTunes Store for iOS devices: ( SaferRide allows users to call a taxi or a predetermined friend, and identifies the user’s location so he or she can be picked up.
  • Use the Jitneys, Taxi-cabs or Uber/Lyft type services
  • If you see a drunk driver on the road, contact the Avalon Police Department immediately.
  • Have a friend who is about to drink and drive? Take the keys away and make arrangements to get your friend home safely.

For more information about the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign, visit

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Avalon Officers Receive Donation of Sunblock

On Wednesday July 18, 2018 Margie Flannery dropped off 14 sunblocks (one for each car and extra for the station) to the Avalon Police Department. A few weeks ago her brother (a police officer in Harrison) came home with bad sunburn after working a traffic detail. Her sister, a melanoma survivor came up with the idea to supply police departments with sunblock in the hopes it would spread awareness and encourage departments to advise their men and women to wear sunblock at all times. Living by the shore, she had to get involved. She contacted Chief Christopher of Avalon PD and he was more than happy to be my first recipient.

Thank you to my sponsors for your generous donations to this department and several others I am in the process of covering. Court House Fitness, Uncle Bills Stone Harbor, and Mary Kay.

Pictured here are Chief Christopher, Captain Roscoe, and Sergeant Paluch. Protect yourself guys…while protecting others!

Approximately 4 years ago, Sgt. Paluch’s wife Shelley passed away after a battle with melanoma. This is a topic that the Avalon Police Department feels strongly about. We also participated in the Run From the Sun 5k race, as part of Team Shelley, to help spread awareness.

Thank you Margie for getting the word out!

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Avalon Officers run in the Run from The Sun 5K Race July 15, 2018

Avalon Police’s Chief Christopher, Sgt. Paluch, Sgt. Sykes, Det. Armstrong, Ptlm. Peahota, Ptlm. Ardelean, Disp. Schroter, Disp/SLEO 1 Hagner representing Team Shelley at the annual Run from the Sun 5K held in Avalon on July 15th.

Avalon Officers run in the Run from The Sun 5K Race July 15, 2018 2018-07-16T15:32:01+00:00

Avalon Officers Volunteer for 2018 Special Olympic Games

On Saturday June 9, 2018 Captain John Roscoe and Sgt. David Glassford attended the Special Olympic Games at Trenton College of New Jersey in Mercer County and proudly gave out medals to the winners of various events.

The Avalon Police Department was one of 15 agencies that volunteered their time to Special Olympics of New Jersey.

It was very rewarding and a worthwhile event. If you have not attended these games before, it is well worth the time to watch these athletes compete!

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Avalon Officers Run in 2018 Law Enforcement Torch Run

The Avalon Police Department participated in the Annual Cape May County Chapter, Law Enforcement Torch Run on Friday June 8th. The mission is to raise awareness and funds for the Special Olympics movement. The run starts in Cape May and finishes at the Cape May County Police Academy. Sgt. Robinson ran 20 miles, starting in Wildwood Crest. Chief Christopher and Sgt. Sykes ran almost 7 miles starting in Stone Harbor.

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Avalon Police Records Clerk Job Opening

Records Clerk/Administrative Assistant, Avalon Police Department

Position:  Records Clerk/Administrative Assistant

Department:   Avalon Police Department

Status:  Full Time

Available:  September 4th, 2018

Summary:  The Borough of Avalon has a full-time employment opportunity available as of September 4th, 2018.  The position is the Records Clerk/Administrative Assistant for the Avalon Police Department.  The successful candidate will be required to provide administrative and records management for the services of the Department.  The candidate will manage and maintain all electronic and hard copy documents, reports, files, and databases for the Avalon Police Department.  The candidate will support the Department with any administrative functions or projects on a daily, monthly, and annual basis, or as necessary.

A high school diploma or equivalent is required, while a college degree with a concentration in business, administration, management, or other related field is preferred.    Experience in an office setting and computer/data entry skills are required.  A Notary Public certification is required and offered with Borough support in obtaining, if necessary.

Applications:  Applications will be accepted by Chief Jeffrey Christopher through Friday, June 15th, 2018.  A completed job application and resume are both required.  The Borough is an equal opportunity employer.

Application can be found



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Click it or Ticket May 21 through June 3 2018

Seat Belt Enforcement and Education Campaign to be Conducted Locally as Part of Nationwide 
Click It or Ticket Mobilization May 21 – June 3, 2018

Avalon, NJ — Law enforcement officers from the Avalon Police Department will join with police from around the country in cracking down on unbuckled motorists and passengers as part of the national “Click it or Ticket” campaign.

Beginning May 21 and running through June 3, the annual “Click It or Ticket” mobilization utilizes high visibility patrols, and national publicity efforts, to reiterate the life-saving value of seat belts.

“The use of seat belts saves many lives each year and this campaign helps to increase awareness and promote seat belt usage”, said Chief Jeff Christopher of the Avalon Police Department.

In 2016, it is estimated that more than 14,500 lives were saved nationally by the proper use of seat belts.

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