On Wednesday July 18, 2018 Margie Flannery dropped off 14 sunblocks (one for each car and extra for the station) to the Avalon Police Department. A few weeks ago her brother (a police officer in Harrison) came home with bad sunburn after working a traffic detail. Her sister, a melanoma survivor came up with the idea to supply police departments with sunblock in the hopes it would spread awareness and encourage departments to advise their men and women to wear sunblock at all times. Living by the shore, she had to get involved. She contacted Chief Christopher of Avalon PD and he was more than happy to be my first recipient.

Thank you to my sponsors for your generous donations to this department and several others I am in the process of covering. Court House Fitness, Uncle Bills Stone Harbor, and Mary Kay.

Pictured here are Chief Christopher, Captain Roscoe, and Sergeant Paluch. Protect yourself guys…while protecting others!

Approximately 4 years ago, Sgt. Paluch’s wife Shelley passed away after a battle with melanoma. This is a topic that the Avalon Police Department feels strongly about. We also participated in the Run From the Sun 5k race, as part of Team Shelley, to help spread awareness.

Thank you Margie for getting the word out!