The Captain of Police is second in Command of the Police Department, reports directly to the Chief and has charge of the Department in the Chief’s absence.  The Captain has command of the Administrative and Operations Divisions.

The responsibilities of the Captain include, but are not limited to: hiring of all special officers and relief dispatchers, assigns subordinates for duties for protection of persons, safeguarding of property, assure observance of the laws and apprehend violators; supervises Internal Affairs, supervises investigations, assigns subordinates to duty at public gatherings, events and meetings; reviews all arrest and investigations reports; supervises the establishment and maintenance of needed records and files, inspects police department equipment and vehicles,  and recommends changes in policy, procedure and orders of the department.

Captain John Roscoe obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Administration of Justice at The Pennsylvania State University in May of 1992. He began his career in law enforcement as a seasonal officer and dispatcher with the Avalon Police Department in May of 1992. In May 1996 he was selected as patrolman, where he served until October 2011 when he was promoted to Patrol Sergeant. In October 2014 he was assigned as the police department’s Administrative Sergeant where he over saw the departments accreditation process. On January 24, 2018 he was promoted to the rank of Captain of Police.

Captain John Roscoe

Sergeant Sean McNair