The Avalon Police Department has a Senior Alone Program.  Any senior citizen who lives alone is encouraged to sign up free of charge.  The program is designed so that senior citizens make contact with the program so they will never go longer than 24 hours without checking in.  Each day the senior calls into the police department before 11 am.  Any senior who did not call in receives a phone call from the Avalon Police Dispatcher.  If there is no answer a police officer is dispatched to the residence to check if everything is alright.  This is to make sure the senior has not fallen or had a medical emergency and was unable to get to the phone and call 911.  A knox box is installed on an outer door of the home where the senior resides.   A key to the residence is placed in the knox box and secured.  The only individuals who have access to the knox box are responding police officers.  This is to ensure that the responding police officer can gain access to the residence to check if the senior is alright.  The Knox box is also free of any charge and will be installed by the Borough.

To sign up please come into the Avalon Police Department, located at 3000 Dune Drive and ask the dispatcher on duty for a registration card.  If the senior is unable to come to the Police Department, they can call (609) 967-3411 and an officer will come by their home with a registration card.  After we receive the necessary information an officer in charge of the program will contact you to set up an appointment to install the Knox box.