Members of the Avalon Police Department assigned to the Detective Bureau receive specialized training in areas of law enforcement and a sample of their responsibilities include:  day to day criminal investigations;  Crime scene analysis; Interviewing victims and suspects; background investigations of applicants for Borough employment as well as outside contractors doing business within the  Borough limits; Firearms applicants; Sex Offender registrations; Death Investigations; Enforcement of Alcoholic Beverage licensee requirements; Evidence Collection and Property management.

Detectives also investigate Missing Persons, Accident and Fire Scenes, assist with Crowd control, and other Emergency Management functions. The Bureau has a Detective on call twenty-four hours a day, year-round in the event of an emergency.

For Firearms Permits, please download and fill out the following forms packet – Firearms Packet  (a case number or contributors ORI is required to schedule an appointment. This can be obtained by contacting Avalon Dispatch at (609)967-3411 and requesting the number. Please make sure to tell the dispatcher it is for a Firearms application)

Each of the below finger print forms will need an identifying case number in order for them to schedule an appointment. You can obtain this by contacting the Dispatcher, (609)967-3411, who will generate this number for you by starting a CAD report under “Fingerprints: Application for”

ABC Forms – ABC forms are to be used for Alcohol Beverage Commission applications

Fireman Prints –  Fireman forms are for Volunteer  or Paid Fireman positions

Ordinance Prints – Ordinance forms are used for Peddlers, hawkers, taxis, jitneys, and vendors

Volunteer Prints – Volunteer forms for coaching, counseling etc

If you are unsure which form to choose, please contact a member of the Detective Bureau.

Detective Sergeant Greg Armstrong

Detective Lukas Hill