The Avalon Police Department has announced the creation of its first-ever social media outreach program.  The department now has its own Facebook page, found at  This Facebook page joins the Borough’s new website,

“Social media provides the Avalon Police Department with an excellent opportunity to both gather and disseminate essential information”, said Avalon Police Chief William McCormick.  “This Facebook page will continually update residents and visitors on critical information and provide the community with an easy way to contact us with any tips that they may have”.

During its first week of existence, the Avalon Police Department’s Facebook page received over 350 responses.  The page currently contains information about the Borough’s “Senior Alone Program”, vendor/taxicab applications, community events, and active investigations.  The page also includes an email address that will allow the public to submit tips to the Avalon Police Department; that address is

‘We believe the business community in Avalon will use the Facebook page throughout the year”, said Avalon Police Captain Dave McCallion.  “The page enables businesses to share immediate, real-time information about shoplifters, counterfeit money, and other issues that impact businesses”.

In recent months, the Avalon Police Department created its own website,  This website contains useful “quality of life” information for the Borough of Avalon, including a “Frequently Asked Questions” page and a list of Borough ordinances that deal with a variety of public safety issues.  The page can also be accessed through the municipal website,

The non-emergency telephone number for the Avalon Police Department is (609) 967-3411; in the event of any emergency, please dial 9-1-